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Warm Welcome to our Students

Posted by Thomas More College on 4 February 2019
Warm Welcome to our Students

What an amazing coincidence that we welcome the exact number of inaugarul, Year 7 students as we did 40 Years ago with our Pioneer students!

Read the full story from the link;


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100% SACE......Again!

Posted by Thomas More College on 18 December 2018
100% SACE......Again!

Dear friends of the Thomas More College Community,
As a community we celebrate the outstanding success achieved by the students at Thomas More College in their
SACE Stage 2 results for 2018. These are the result of 13 years of education and therefore should be something
that we all celebrate.
A snapshot of our 2018 Stage 2 results are as follows:
We would like to celebrate the significant achievement of 100% SACE Completion. This follows the success of
100% SACE completion in 2017. This means that every student that completed Year 12 also achieved their Year 12
SACE Certificate. By way of comparison the State Average was 97.4%. We also note a positive improvement in
grade distribution with a 1.4% increase in A- and above.
We are pleased to announce that Stalin Saji Eattimoottil is Dux for 2018. He obtained an ATAR of 98.90. This is an
outstanding achievement.
Unique achievements include:
Matthew Rumley, our runner-up DUX with an ATAR of 98.40 as a 16 year-old Year 11 student. Matthew has
been part of an individualized program that has supported his early graduation and outstanding
We also celebrate the success of Sam Byrne and Joshua Richardson who achieved their SACE supported
by our Vanier Program.
2018 Merit List
Abolfazl Hassani A+ with Merit Integrated Learning Religious Education
Alyssa Manocchio A+ with Merit Scientific Studies
Stalin Saji Eattimoottil Saji A+ with Merit Biology
Students with A+ Achievements
Christie Gilbert A+ Outdoor Education
Kimberly Le A+ Chemistry
Stalin Eattimoottil Saji A+ Intergrated Learning Religious Education
Albert Martinez A+ Research Project B
Jasmin Nguyen A+ Research Project B
Matthew Rumley A+ Mathematics Methods & A+ Composing & Arranging (Music)
Eden Tedder-Collard A+ General Mathematics
We congratulate these students and their subject teachers.
15 students achieved an ATAR in excess of 90+.
118 of our Stage Two students gained an ATAR.
The median ATAR was 70.35
ATAR 90-99 15 students (10.1%)
ATAR 80-89 24 students (16.2%)
30 students who were not eligible for an ATAR gained their SACE certificate.
39 Stage 2 students with Cert 3 or higher (26.35% students) used VET qualifications to achieve the SACE.
2 Students Completed their SACE through accessing our Vanier Program
In Brief,
In 2018 our College's overall SACE results have improved again and with a number of key celebrations:
Consistent achievement with 100% of our students receiving their SACE
46.6% of students achieved an A- or better for at least one of their subjects
We can see a significant shift in the attainment of our students with a larger percentage of students achieving a B grade or better.
Engagement in VET studies is growing in its contribution to our students' successful completion of SACE
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018 as well as all of those who supported them, we the staff and wider community wish you every success in the future as you Learn More, Be More and Live More.

Andrew Balkwill

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2018 Year 12 Commissioning

Posted by Thomas More College on 29 October 2018
2018 Year 12 Commissioning

Last Thursday we officially set forth our 2018, year 12 cohort into the world but not before they celebrated a couple of more 'lasts'! Their last Assembly as Thomas More students was held, where our leaders, Ben Tran and Janny Liao inspired not only their peers but all of the Staff as well with their speeches. They had their last shared lunch with staff and on Friday morning, a breakfast celebration together. We celebrated their commissioning Mass at St Augustine's Church with family and friends on Thursday evening, where we were treated to the beautiful sounds of Va Utopia Liturgical Band, which consists of current and past students.

We wish this amazing group of students all the very best in their future endeavours! 


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Information Sessions for 'Becoming Catholic'

Posted by Thomas More College on 6 August 2018


Belonging   Behaving    Believing



Information  Sessions

In the new building meeting room
Thursday August 16th, 4pm-5pm
Saturday August 18th, 7pm-8pm

Who is Invited?

  • Anyone wanting to learn more about becoming Catholic.
  • Baptised as a child and would like to complete the Sacraments.
  • Married to a Catholic but not Catholic yourself.
  • Child attends Catholic School.
  • Marrying a Catholic.
  • Child being baptised but not Catholic yourself.

Community members who would like to join the RCIA Team would be welcome.  For more information contact the Parish leaders. Fr Shibu or Lorraine Thalbourne

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2018, Intercultural Power Cup

Posted by Thomas More College on 25 June 2018
2018, Intercultural Power Cup

"The Power Intercultural Program is designed to celebrate the vibrancy of cultural diversity and expression in Australia. It promotes inclusion and builds social cohesion by recognising the positive contribution of different cultures."

For the second year in a row, Thomas More College girls made their way into the Grand Final of the Intercultural Power Cup. They played the game in the spirit it was intended, with a sense of inclusion and fun! Some of the boys came along to support them and also take part in the Port Adelaide Power v Melbourne, pre game entertainment. Congratulations to all of the students that took part in the carnival and to their teacher/coach, Dwayne Treasure and assistant coach, Kerri Frost.

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