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Celebrate More Festival

Posted by Thomas More College on 21 November 2019
Celebrate More Festival

Thank you to all that made the Celebrate More Festival such a great success, including staff, students, their families and our Old Scholars.

With the marking of the 40th Anniversary of the College, it was decided to embrace the opportunity of this milestone to rejoice in the past, and to celebrate the future.

Celebration Aims:

  • Celebrate with existing students, families and teachers
  • Reconnect with past students, families, teachers and community pillars.
  • Connect with Primary partner schools.
  • Connect with local businesses
  • Reach out to the broader community that live and work in the College zone
The Celebrate More Festival was an opportunity for the school to both showcase offerings and invite the community to enjoy a twilight event with a myriad of activities:
  • College Art Exhibition, featuring Senior student SACE work
  • Food Tech students working with Masterchef top 10 finalist to create a platter of homemade food
  • Science show performed by Dr Chris Soar with crowd participation
  • Design & Technologies 3D printing interactive display
  • Music students and staff band showcasing their talents
The participation of the Defence Forces was intended to inspire our students and reinforce the connection of the College into the Broader community.
Life FM were invited to Broadcast live in the hope of attracting broader community & confirming our Christian values

This event intended to portray the values and vision of the College and showcase how the College operates and the importance it places on community. 

We certainly hope that this is what you experienced on the night!

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Vinnies Sleep Out 2019

Posted by Thomas More College on 3 September 2019
Vinnies Sleep Out 2019

Vinnies Sleep Out 2019  by Claudia Papillo

On Friday the 30th of August, myself along with 60 other students gave up the luxury of our warm homes and beds and became homeless for the night. The Sleep Out gave student the opportunity to experience what 116,000 Australians experience every night, raising awareness and money to donate to St Vinnies. The event not only opened the opportunity to challenge and educate students, it also gave students the opportunity to build new relationships and step out of their comfort zone, allowing them to connect with other students and teachers in our community.

After having the enjoyment of a scavenger hunt and various other activities, Jane and Brian from St Vinnies spoke to us about why we are uniting to make a change. Brian exposed us to the realities of homelessness, once being homeless himself. This opened the eyes of many of our students as to why they are involved in this event. As the night continued, we challenged ourselves to sleep under no shelter and allow us to replicate homelessness using boxes and tarps to help us create our beds.

This charitable event was a true success, allowing students to become more understanding to the realities of life and appreciate what we have and what others do not have. It allowed us not only to build new relationships but to conform as a community and stay strong together through this experience. Although this was a fun night, it was still a challenge for many of us to give up our regular night time routines and comfy beds. Needs to say, this has changed a lot of our perspectives and has allowed us to appreciate our privileged lives more frequently.

In the end, as a community, we raised $1,420 which all was donated to St Vinnies. These donations were made from parents online, people supporting the sleepout, students participating in the event and CuppaGino's coffee van who helped us keep warm throughout the night, donating all profits made. This event has been life changing and I hope as a college we continue to persist to make a change, challenge ourselves and support those who need it most.

Please give generously to the Vinnies Winter Appeal

Claudia Papillo

Social Justice Captain

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Impressive Research Project Results!

Posted by Thomas More College on 2 August 2019
Impressive Research Project Results!
We were very pleased this week to gain our Year 12 Students' Research Project results. The Research Project is a compulsory Stage 2 Subject in the SACE. Our Teachers work closely with each Year 12 student to challenge and support them to achieve their best; this mirrors our whole school approach of getting to know our students well as learners and find the best ways to work with them. Congratulations to the Year 12 Cohort for passing the compulsory subject. We also congratulate our Research Project Coordinator Mrs Eldridge and Teachers Mrs Wherry, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Sinapius, Mrs Lange and Ms Watters for working alongside our students.

Highlights of TMC Year 12 Research Project results include:

     100% successful completion

     49% of overall final grades situated the A Band

     Four A+ scores overall

     14 pieces of work of an A+ standard

     Higher percentage of students compared to the state average in the A, A- and B+
     bands (and below in lower grade bands).

Every school will produce data when detailing results. It important to look behind the data for what is says about the College. For us, this data tells stories of whole cohort, majority and individual successes. I tend to look at it through a prospective parent lens, in the sense that if my daughter or son was at TMC this year, they would have successfully passed this compulsory element of the SACE, successfully pursued an area of passion and individual choice, developed themselves as a capable learner, and would have had a 1 out of 2 chance of achieving an A overall. These are awesome results from our students.

Corey Tavella

Acting Principal

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Corey Tavella, Acting Principal Welcome

Posted by Thomas More College on 28 May 2019
Corey Tavella, Acting Principal Welcome
Dear Families

It is great to be back at Thomas More College, this time as your Acting Principal for the remainder of 2019. For those who may not be aware, I spent Term 1 at Thomas More replacing Mandy Loveder as Deputy Principal. My permanent role is at St Mary's College where I have also worked in the Acting Principal's role as well as across R-12 in both co-educational and single-gendered environments in leadership and teaching roles across 20 years in Catholic Education. I am very excited about reengaging with the TMC Community this term and working with staff, you as families and students to help Thomas More College be the best it can be in 2019.

As I write this, I have just returned from a 10-day journey to San Diego, USA. My time was spent in residency at the three different campuses of High Tech High, a system of schools established to meet the different changing nature of education in the 21st century in the context of the future of work for young people. High Tech High builds deeper learning experiences through developing competencies (in Australia we might call these Capabilities) to engage in real world issues through authentic content. It's like a focus on developing capable students by delving deeper into issues of importance, with the intention of fostering student responsibility in learning, rather than covering a lot of content at a surface level. This has allowed the students to not only master the content they have studied, but perhaps more importantly, develop their skills in critical thinking, effective communication and life-long learning.

Our education system and priorities in Australia are naturally different to those of the US; however, there is some merit in perhaps considering how some of the strengths of the High-Tech High approach may connect with our students. Across the three sites I met with students from Years 5-12, and what was common to all of their experiences was the ability to strongly articulate their status, challenges and progress in their own education journeys. Put simply, they owned their learning and knew where they wanted to go and what they needed to do to get there. I spent the last three days of my trip at the High School High Graduate School of Education's Institute on Assessment, where we further delved into the processes of valuing all elements of learning journeys as authentic assessment of and for students. Over the year I will unpack some of these experiences with our TMC staff to see if we can connect with elements that may be of importance to our continuing journey of the best educational experience for our students.

There is so much to look forward to in being at Thomas More in 2019; our ongoing collaborative staff work on depthing successful students and learners, led by Damien Kelly and Rebecca Baker; the variety of educational experiences offered by our teachers from in-class and outside, hands on experiences across the different subjects and year levels; and most importantly, the work from and experiences of our students themselves. I really believe that this is a great time to be involved in the Thomas More Community and am thrilled be here during this time.

Please feel free to say hi if you see me in the mornings or afternoons near the front of the College.

Take Care

Corey Tavella
Acting Principal

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'Turning of the Soil', 1978 & 2019

Posted by Thomas More College on 25 March 2019
'Turning of the Soil', 1978 & 2019

As we celebrate 40 Years of 'Shaping the Future of our Community', it is with great excitement that we announce that Partek Construction & Interiors have been successful and will begin construction, working in conjunction with Edge Architects on our new Senior (Faulkner) Centre.
On Thursday 14th March, we celebrated a 'Turning of the Soil' 40 years on, updated terminology and colour as well!

This contemporary Building is designed to cater for
record demand for student places
the evolution of our facilities into contemporary learning environments beyond that of just a classroom
facilities that support the functions required for senior secondary students and adult learning.
a small café to facilitate a welcoming atmosphere, business subjects and support fundraising activities
designed to facilitate dynamic, contemporary and future focused teaching and learning, which meets the needs of every student
is developmentally appropriate and promotes the curiosity of the learner.

Colour photo, L to R
Joe Prater, Site Manager, Partek, Peter Spain, Director, Edge Architects, Athan Pittas, Construction Manager, Partek, Brenton Lunn, Managing Director, Partek, Sue Kennedy-Branford, Principal Consultant Leadership Development, Catholic Education SA, Andrew Balkwill, Principal, Thomas More College, Kerri Oates, Chairperson, Thomas More College Board and Andrew Boeyen, Business Manager, Thomas More College

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