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Corey Tavella, Acting Principal Welcome

Posted by Thomas More College on 28 May 2019
Corey Tavella, Acting Principal Welcome
Dear Families

It is great to be back at Thomas More College, this time as your Acting Principal for the remainder of 2019. For those who may not be aware, I spent Term 1 at Thomas More replacing Mandy Loveder as Deputy Principal. My permanent role is at St Mary's College where I have also worked in the Acting Principal's role as well as across R-12 in both co-educational and single-gendered environments in leadership and teaching roles across 20 years in Catholic Education. I am very excited about reengaging with the TMC Community this term and working with staff, you as families and students to help Thomas More College be the best it can be in 2019.

As I write this, I have just returned from a 10-day journey to San Diego, USA. My time was spent in residency at the three different campuses of High Tech High, a system of schools established to meet the different changing nature of education in the 21st century in the context of the future of work for young people. High Tech High builds deeper learning experiences through developing competencies (in Australia we might call these Capabilities) to engage in real world issues through authentic content. It's like a focus on developing capable students by delving deeper into issues of importance, with the intention of fostering student responsibility in learning, rather than covering a lot of content at a surface level. This has allowed the students to not only master the content they have studied, but perhaps more importantly, develop their skills in critical thinking, effective communication and life-long learning.

Our education system and priorities in Australia are naturally different to those of the US; however, there is some merit in perhaps considering how some of the strengths of the High-Tech High approach may connect with our students. Across the three sites I met with students from Years 5-12, and what was common to all of their experiences was the ability to strongly articulate their status, challenges and progress in their own education journeys. Put simply, they owned their learning and knew where they wanted to go and what they needed to do to get there. I spent the last three days of my trip at the High School High Graduate School of Education's Institute on Assessment, where we further delved into the processes of valuing all elements of learning journeys as authentic assessment of and for students. Over the year I will unpack some of these experiences with our TMC staff to see if we can connect with elements that may be of importance to our continuing journey of the best educational experience for our students.

There is so much to look forward to in being at Thomas More in 2019; our ongoing collaborative staff work on depthing successful students and learners, led by Damien Kelly and Rebecca Baker; the variety of educational experiences offered by our teachers from in-class and outside, hands on experiences across the different subjects and year levels; and most importantly, the work from and experiences of our students themselves. I really believe that this is a great time to be involved in the Thomas More Community and am thrilled be here during this time.

Please feel free to say hi if you see me in the mornings or afternoons near the front of the College.

Take Care

Corey Tavella
Acting Principal

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'Turning of the Soil', 1978 & 2019

Posted by Thomas More College on 25 March 2019
'Turning of the Soil', 1978 & 2019

As we celebrate 40 Years of 'Shaping the Future of our Community', it is with great excitement that we announce that Partek Construction & Interiors have been successful and will begin construction, working in conjunction with Edge Architects on our new Senior (Faulkner) Centre.
On Thursday 14th March, we celebrated a 'Turning of the Soil' 40 years on, updated terminology and colour as well!

This contemporary Building is designed to cater for
record demand for student places
the evolution of our facilities into contemporary learning environments beyond that of just a classroom
facilities that support the functions required for senior secondary students and adult learning.
a small café to facilitate a welcoming atmosphere, business subjects and support fundraising activities
designed to facilitate dynamic, contemporary and future focused teaching and learning, which meets the needs of every student
is developmentally appropriate and promotes the curiosity of the learner.

Colour photo, L to R
Joe Prater, Site Manager, Partek, Peter Spain, Director, Edge Architects, Athan Pittas, Construction Manager, Partek, Brenton Lunn, Managing Director, Partek, Sue Kennedy-Branford, Principal Consultant Leadership Development, Catholic Education SA, Andrew Balkwill, Principal, Thomas More College, Kerri Oates, Chairperson, Thomas More College Board and Andrew Boeyen, Business Manager, Thomas More College

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2018 DUX Awards Assembly

Posted by Thomas More College on 22 February 2019
2018 DUX Awards Assembly
On Thursday, 14 February Thomas More College celebrated its 2018 Academic, Attitude and Special Award Winners from 2018. Given the influx of Year 7s, Old Scholars, parents and invited guests, this year we celebrated our biggest event ever with over 1000 people in our gymnasium, which was transformed into a place of appropriate celebration for the morning. Invited guests included:

David Knox, representative for Nick Champion MP, Federal Minister for Wakefield
The Deputy Mayor of Salisbury, Ms Julie Woodman
Catholic Education South Australia Principal Consultant Ms Sue Kennedy-Branford (also representing our Director, Neil McGoran)
Member of the Royal Australian Navy and Old Scholar, Able Seaman Dale Parry
Principal and Deputy Principal of St Augustine's Primary School, Ms Georgia Dennis and Ms Kerry Dent
Old Scholar, Dr Catherine White
Members of the graduating class of 2018.
The event was expertly hosted by our four College Leaders: Clare Innes, Jayden Nguyen (College Captains), Nikki Tai and Keenan Green (Vice Captains). Year Level Coordinators, each accompanied by a Member of the Executive, presented awards to each of the 8-12 2018 cohorts which fell into two categories:

The Exceptional Attitude Award, which acknowledges students who have applied themselves in all their subjects
The Academic Award, presented to students who have received excellent results in all subjects throughout the year.
Overall, 53 Exceptional Attitude Awards were presented along with 47 Academic Awards. In addition, Year 12 students from 2018 won individual subject awards. These awards are given to students undertaking SACE Stage 2 subjects, who have gained the highest achievement in each of the individual subjects. In addition, we acknowledged those Year 12 students who achieved A+ grades for subjects and three students from Thomas More College who achieved a Merit Award from the SACE Board, which places them in the top 1% of the state. Year 12 students who achieved an ATAR of 90 or above were also presented awards.

We heard stirring speeches from Old Scholar Dr Catherine White (MD) about her journey through schooling, University, life and towards becoming a successful medical doctor, as well as from our 2018 College Dux, Stalin Saji Eattimoottil, who achieved an ATAR of 98.90, two A+ grades (one with SACE Merit), and who has accepted a place to study Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging) at the University of South Australia.

Other notable award winners include:

Most Improved Student: Fiorentina Musolino
ADF Long Tan Leadership Award (Year 10) - Bradley Applebee
ADF Long Tan Leadership Award (Year 12) - Ben Tran
Mrs Barbara Candelli Business Excellence Award - Jacob Penny
Vanier Centre Personal Excellence Award - Samuel Byrne

Overall, we are very proud of the achievements of the 2018 Cohort. They are going to be tough to top next year!

Corey Tavella
Deputy Principal

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Warm Welcome to our Students

Posted by Thomas More College on 4 February 2019
Warm Welcome to our Students

What an amazing coincidence that we welcome the exact number of inaugarul, Year 7 students as we did 40 Years ago with our Pioneer students!

Read the full story from the link;


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100% SACE......Again!

Posted by Thomas More College on 18 December 2018
100% SACE......Again!

Dear friends of the Thomas More College Community,
As a community we celebrate the outstanding success achieved by the students at Thomas More College in their
SACE Stage 2 results for 2018. These are the result of 13 years of education and therefore should be something
that we all celebrate.
A snapshot of our 2018 Stage 2 results are as follows:
We would like to celebrate the significant achievement of 100% SACE Completion. This follows the success of
100% SACE completion in 2017. This means that every student that completed Year 12 also achieved their Year 12
SACE Certificate. By way of comparison the State Average was 97.4%. We also note a positive improvement in
grade distribution with a 1.4% increase in A- and above.
We are pleased to announce that Stalin Saji Eattimoottil is Dux for 2018. He obtained an ATAR of 98.90. This is an
outstanding achievement.
Unique achievements include:
Matthew Rumley, our runner-up DUX with an ATAR of 98.40 as a 16 year-old Year 11 student. Matthew has
been part of an individualized program that has supported his early graduation and outstanding
We also celebrate the success of Sam Byrne and Joshua Richardson who achieved their SACE supported
by our Vanier Program.
2018 Merit List
Abolfazl Hassani A+ with Merit Integrated Learning Religious Education
Alyssa Manocchio A+ with Merit Scientific Studies
Stalin Saji Eattimoottil Saji A+ with Merit Biology
Students with A+ Achievements
Christie Gilbert A+ Outdoor Education
Kimberly Le A+ Chemistry
Stalin Eattimoottil Saji A+ Intergrated Learning Religious Education
Albert Martinez A+ Research Project B
Jasmin Nguyen A+ Research Project B
Matthew Rumley A+ Mathematics Methods & A+ Composing & Arranging (Music)
Eden Tedder-Collard A+ General Mathematics
We congratulate these students and their subject teachers.
15 students achieved an ATAR in excess of 90+.
118 of our Stage Two students gained an ATAR.
The median ATAR was 70.35
ATAR 90-99 15 students (10.1%)
ATAR 80-89 24 students (16.2%)
30 students who were not eligible for an ATAR gained their SACE certificate.
39 Stage 2 students with Cert 3 or higher (26.35% students) used VET qualifications to achieve the SACE.
2 Students Completed their SACE through accessing our Vanier Program
In Brief,
In 2018 our College's overall SACE results have improved again and with a number of key celebrations:
Consistent achievement with 100% of our students receiving their SACE
46.6% of students achieved an A- or better for at least one of their subjects
We can see a significant shift in the attainment of our students with a larger percentage of students achieving a B grade or better.
Engagement in VET studies is growing in its contribution to our students' successful completion of SACE
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018 as well as all of those who supported them, we the staff and wider community wish you every success in the future as you Learn More, Be More and Live More.

Andrew Balkwill

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