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College Leader's Address

Sam Kelly and Jasmyn Tran, Student Leaders 2015


Thomas More College's vision statement aims to support us in both our learning and our growth as unique individuals. As we leave this College, we wish to share with you a few reflections on how this has been the case over the past five years, particularly our journey towards adulthood. Before we share this with you, we must stop to thank all who have contributed to this journey.
To our teachers and TMC staff; thank you for your support, patience, love and guidance. Thank you for your genuine dedication, passion and care in helping us through.

We believe one of the greatest things TMC possesses is an intelligent, dedicated and fun-loving community of both support staff and teachers. For many of us, you have become friends, mentors and leaders as well as educators. You have given us knowledge and understanding of our subjects but you have gone above and beyond to teach us essential life skills and nurtured us to be the people we aspire to be. It has been lovely to build these relationships with you, we value you as people and role models. Thank you for sharing your stories, your values and your talents. It has been inspiring to get to know many of you. We hope and pray that future generations of students and the wider community will continue to value and respect each of you in the same way you have taught us to value and respect each other and ourselves.

Looking back from Year 8 until now, one thing that has remained integral in making high school such an amazing experience is the friendships and relationships we have made. Friendship has been one of the core values that has held our cohort together; whether it be encouraging each other to push through our work, organising study sessions or dropping everything to help a friend in distress. We are very proud of the respect and love shared amongst our peers. Without these old and new friends, the pressure of school would have been less bearable, none more so than the stress of Year 12. Our final year tested the strength of our personal friendships and our bond as a cohort as we faced the stresses and pressures of SACE.

We have learnt so much about each other, and so much from each otherand we advocate to other students the importance of respecting, accepting and caring for one another in order to make your high school experience unforgettable.


Over the past five years, we have been proud to see our year level actively participate in school events such as sports carnivals, music productions, art shows, dance lessons, the Year 12 retreat, Year 8 camp, TED days, Talent Weeks, Thomas More Days and final year assembliesthese events are part of our strongest memoires about the College. We have such a talented group of peers in a wide array of fields from the arts to sports to the academic studies. The diversity within this school is incredible, as is the level of respect, integrity, support and encouragement. Our entire high school journey was filled with personal struggles and triumphs, some shared, others dealt with privately.

During this time, many of us established and developed our personal core values which we will take into the world, all of which were nurtured by programs such as retreats and workshops organised by the College. So we thank TMC and all those who have been involved in the many events which have encouraged us to reflect and think about the type of people whom we aspire to be. This support of our emotional and mental well-being is arguably more important than our academic success and we thank you for seeing its importance.

Our hope for Thomas More College students is to continue striving for academic success whilst remembering the importance of family, friendship and personal wellbeing.

Our hope for the wider community is to continue to embrace and support the diverse and talented young people of Thomas More College. There are many events the College holds throughout the year, and we encourage you and your families to come along, and be a part of this community. 

Finally, we thank everyone who has helped us along our journey and we pray that all members of this community seize the opportunity to experience all that Thomas More College has to offer.

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