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Inclusive Education

"Inclusive Education at Thomas More College is informed by relevant policies and practise as underpinned by the definition of inclusive curriculum."

The external policies which inform the Inclusive Education Policy at Thomas More College are:

1. Catholic Education South Australia Vision Statement

  • openness to God's Spirit at work in our midst and living in Catholic faith
  • respect for the dignity of each person
  • commitment to processes of learning that are formative, challenging, engaging, life-long and life-wide
  • inclusivity of those at the edges
  • sensitivity, justice and compassion

2. SACCS Policy (1989) which states:

  •     "A rich social and cultural diversity exists in every community. Schools are mindful of this in ensuring their curriculum and learning environments cater for all thereby enriching the education experiences of students" (curriculum)
  •     "....all students are given the opportunities to succeed." (assessment)
  •     "assessment and reporting are accessible to all" (assessment)

3. ACARA Framework for Years 7-10

  •     "The SACSA Framework has a continuing strong focus on teaching, learning and assessing to achieve just and equitable outcomes for all learners, including those who historically have been most disadvantaged"

4. SSABSA Special Provisions for Years 11 and 12

  •     SSABSA policy allows eligible students to demonstrate their knowledge and capability in different ways.
  •     ".....covers students who are disadvantaged for example by some sort of disability"
  •     ".....offers alternative strategies to assist students to demonstrate what they have learnt."

5. Anti-discrimination Legislation

  •     It is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the grounds of disability.
  •     DDA (1993) includes requirements for academic environments to be free from discrimination on the grounds of disability.


The Thomas More College Vision Statement recognises and upholds each student's right to an education which enables them to reach their potential. The statement specifies the following three points as part of its mission:

  •     To challenge and support students in their growth as spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional beings
  •     To provide a supportive, caring, just and safe environment for all members of our community
  •     To pursue excellence and foster this spirit in our students.


The Ignatius Centre Team supports the academic and social development for students with disability, learning disability and  learning needs, mental health and disengagement within the school community from Year 8 to Year 12. 

Staff also support students from the Vanier Centre. The Inclusive Education Coordinator liaises with the teaching staff to assist in identifying learning needs, defining  and documenting appropriate adjustments/modifications, and implementing  evidence based literacy and numeracy interventions.

Depending on individual need, the Ignatius Centre Team also provide in-class support, small group support, 1:1 support and lunch club. Adjustments, support and agency involvement are documented via the Individual Education Plan.

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