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Year 12 - End of Year Preparation

"Term 4 is a time for consolidation of the year's work and preparation for exams but it can also be a challenging, hectic and frustrating time for students and their families. It is, therefore, important for students to keep on task, follow a constructive study routine and maintain regular and sensible sleep patterns."

Most students will be completing major assignments and other pieces of work and many will also be undertaking formal revision for their exams.

As always, we expect the students to act in an appropriate and responsible manner throughout the final term. They are expected to demonstrate the same respect and positive attitude that has been displayed throughout the year by this group of Year 12's. We understand the pressures associated with approaching exams and the exhilaration that often accompanies the last day of formal lessons. However, any behaviour that is disruptive, destructive, puts the safety and welfare of others at risk or causes the reputation of the College to be tarnished will not be tolerated. Such behaviour only causes negative feelings at a time when students need to be at their most positive and teachers at their most willing to support final exam preparation and assignment completion. It would be a great pity if the last association with Thomas More College was marred by consequences for poor behaviour or exclusion from college activities or functions. This is a time for celebration in a spirit that respects all in our community.

Students are to attend normal lessons until lunchtime on the final day and it is expected that on this day students will be in full and correct uniform, as outlined in the College diary. A shared lunch is provided for the students in The Senior Centre on this day, followed by a final Year Level Assembly. At its conclusion, classrooms and lockers will then be cleaned before final dismissal and around 2:30pm.

During lunchtime, students may, if they so wish, bring (not wear) old College shirts and dresses to be signed by peers and staff as a keepsake of their time at Thomas More College. These "signed" items of clothing are not to be worn during the day in the College grounds.

During the last week of school life at Thomas More, you and your family will be invited to the Commissioning Mass of all Yr 12 students. This is an occasion to celebrate and reflect on our year together and on this evening, all students will receive a memento from the College. Students are asked to once again be in full and correct Summer Uniform.

Students will be given the opportunity to conduct independent study at home. This should not be seen as a time to socialise with friends. Some subject teachers, however, may request that students attend the College for particular reasons. Students who are studying Vocational Education subjects will be required to attend the College until all course requirements are fully met. Those students who need to be at the College during the independent study and exam period are required to be in full school uniform.

Even if students need to be at the college for a brief period of time, (eg to see a teacher), they are still required to be in full College uniform.

SACE Board Exams run at Thomas More College during November. In the event of serious illness preventing a student from attending an exam, a telephone call must be made to the College before 8.30am. We stress, however, that the SACE Board of South Australia assumes the responsibility of deciding what, if any, consideration a student will receive in such a case.

All text books and college equipment must be returned and lockers must be cleared and left clean.

The College tries to support many needy families in our community in order to enable them to have the opportunity and privilege of sending their child to Thomas More College. 

Students can donate their
  • combination locks back to the Bookroom.
  • calculators back to the Uniform Shop.
  • uniform back to the Uniform Shop.
Families can also sell their uniform through the Uniform Shop. Families wishing to do this should inquire at the Uniform Shop.

The year will conclude with the Graduation Dinner at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Thank you for your support. Please contact the College if you have any questions or concerns about the above program and procedures.

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