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Year 9 Cyber Safety

"Young people are actively engaged in technology and in particular Social Media so it is important that they are given the opportunity to understand how to be responsible and careful users of this technology taking into account their personal safety"


Every year we engage the services of Brainstorm Productions who are a nationally recognised organisation - who perform year level appropriate "plays" which address the issues relevant to teenagers. This presentation focuses on the use of social media, adolescent mental health issues and bullying, both in person and the ever increasing issue of cyberbullying. Follow up discussions in pastoral care allow us to build on the TED program from Year 8 providing another opportunity to discuss the ways in which we can treat each other with respect.

Sonya Ryan (South Australian of the Year 2013) from the Carly Ryan Foundation presented a talk on cyber safety in Term 3. Sonya started her foundation as a response to the murder of her daughter Carly by a sexual predator she met online who masked himself as a 14 year old boy. She is campaigning to ensure that all young people who engage with the internet stay safe.

Her real and personal insights about the kinds of dangers young people could face via their use of social media communicated powerfully with the Year 9 students. She presented realistic and helpful tips for students to protect their personal information, identity, and privacy and to make sure that the people they were communicating with were 'for real'. Such as; avoiding meeting someone you met online in person, especially in secluded places. Skype-ing or web chatting with the person to see if they are real. Changing profiles on all applications to private. 'Unfriending' people you don't know in real life. Switching off geo tagging on your smartphone for applications such as facebook, instagram and your camera so predators can't find your location. Never posting that you and your family are going away on holiday.

Following this presentation students should have brought home an 'online contract' provided by the foundation. It asks young people to be accountable to their parents, the people who provide them with their internet access. We encourage parents to take the time to sign it together and send it back to the homeroom teachers

Also in Term 3, The South Australian Police crime prevention unit present a talk on young people's cyber responsibilities and the legalities of interacting with others online.

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