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Welcome to Thomas More College





We believe education is at the heart of a life well lived. It is a philosophy we instil in our students and one which underpins our College maxim of Learn More. Live More. Be More. As a co-educational Catholic College, Thomas More prides itself on its academic curriculum, cultural diversity, proud traditions and tight-knit community. Our students, families and faculty value and promote a lifelong love of learning, the search for truth, a commitment to faith and a desire to help shape a better world. However, the college also acknowledges the role of the individual in their education. And on this personal level, we are committed to helping every student maximise their Thomas More experience and gain much more from their schooling. We look forward to joining your child on their journey.


Educational Support


We recognise the different needs and learning styles of our students

At the heart of our College is the deep understanding that each person is unique, special and created in the image of God. In this belief, we seek to challenge and support our students, individually and collectively, in both their personal and educational growth. 

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TMC Features

  • Quality Relationships
    Quality Relationships

Support Programs

  • VET
  • Vanier Unit
  • ESL
  • McAuley
  • Ignatius Centre

Vocational Education and Training programs are available to assist students in their transition directly from school to life as a member of the workforce. These courses help students develop a range of transition skills and knowledge, and can include alternative options to completing SACE subjects through work placements and school-based apprenticeships.

The Vanier Unit is a special education facility catering for a small group of students with developmental disabilities. Students who qualify for this unit are partially integrated into the mainstream of the College, as well as being involved in a specialised program preparing them for life after school.

English as a Second Language classes and support structures are offered to students from non-English speaking backgrounds to ensure they fully benefit from the curriculum offered by the College.

The McAuley Program aims to identify students with high intellectual potential and provide them with appropriate and specific educational challenges to help them realise their potential. The program includes the possibility of accelerating study beyond the student’s year level and draws on external networks for gifted and talented students.

The Ignatius Centre is a flexible learning centre offering support for students with learning difficulties. Assistance can be given in the areas of comprehension, oral and written expression and understanding mathematical concepts.

TMC News List

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