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Aims of our RE Program

"At Thomas More College, our Religious Education Program situates the Crossways Framework within the vision of the College. The aims of the Religious Education Program address these two documents."

Our aim therefore, is:

  • To hand on the tradition, the deposit of Faith, and the accumulated wisdom of the Catholic Church (Evengelisation).
  • To reflect on the reality of God, using the Scriptures as a guide, and to give support to students in their evolving relationship with God.
  • To develop an understanding of the 'one-ness' of each individual with God. and through an understanding of Jesus' human experience, to assist students in their faith journey towards a greater maturity of understanding, and the full realisation of life.
  • To provide students with an experience of prayer, liturgy, and reflection as a means of coming closer to God (Catechesis)
  • To develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the 'Jesus Story', and to promote a system of values based on the Gospel tradition including: equality, love, forgiveness, peace, honesty, outreach, respect, acceptance, courage, community, justice and hope.
  • To develop decision making skills, using the teachings and example of Jesus as a guide, so that we may reflect the love of God, and the values of faith, in our dealing with others.
  • To promote, in our teaching, the synthesis of faith and culture so that the tradition becomes a lived reality.
  • To be open to the richness of this multicultural community, and to recognise and celebrate the variety of traditions within the Thomas More community.
  • To develop an understanding of Church as the gathering of the people of God, continuing the work of Jesus Christ; a living and active force for good in our community.
  • To work within, and to foster, the sense of belonging to a welcoming faith community, incorporating family, school, Parish and the wider Church.


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