General Overview

Thomas More College aims to provide teaching and learning experiences which support young people in becoming thriving individuals. We provide a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum from Years 7 to 12. In recognising the power of learning to change ourselves and our world, we strive to develop young people with the wisdom to be seekers of knowledge and experience who will go on to realise their aspirations and shape their own future.


Thomas More College delivers both the Australian Curriculum from Years 7-10 and the SACE from Years 10-12. It is designed to provide students with key skills for future study and life in the 21st Century. We provide a broad range of experiences and develop the capabilities of a learner which underpin all learning areas and support subject specific knowledge, understanding and skills.
Students are encouraged via personal learning plans to uncover strengths, interests and passions and tailor their subject pathways in such a way that will enable further successful achievement at university, TAFE, apprenticeship, workplace and trainee levels. The College provides flexibility in subject pathways both academic and vocational for students who may need extra support or those requiring acceleration beyond their year level. In addition, the College provides extra support for individual needs through our Inclusive Education Program and EALD support program. For more information please click here

Our Pedagogical Framework

At Thomas More College teaching and learning occurs within our College's pedagogical framework. We operate under the principles of Relationships, Relevance, Responsiveness and Reflection.

At Thomas More College...

We believe and are committed to relationships of educational trust

We actively work to know our students and how they learn. We seek to know the whole person, their culture, faith and what they bring to the classroom. We build relationships with students, founded on respect and trust as the foundation to support learning.

We believe and are committed to engaging in learning for now and the near future

Teaching and learning at Thomas More College is focussed around developing skills, knowledge and capabilities required for success in today's world.

We are responsive to the students in front of us and are committed to their growth as individuals
Teaching and learning at Thomas More College is catered to the individual. We develop individual strengths, support learning needs and provide the opportunity to explore personal interests. We support academic growth alongside spiritual, emotional, social and physical development.
We believe and are committed to learning as an active and reflective practice
We support students in developing the skills to be effective independent lifelong learners with the ability to critically reflect, recognise their own progress and areas for growth.

We believe education is at the heart of a life well lived. It is a philosophy we instil in our students and one which underpins our College maxim.