Thomas More College

Vision and Mission 

Wisdom to Seek

Courage to Thrive

Power to Change

"I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full'. (Jn 10:10)

Thomas More College aims to provide teaching and learning experiences which support young people in becoming thriving individuals. In recognising the power of learning to change ourselves and our world, we strive to develop young people with the wisdom to be seekers of knowledge and experience, who will go on to realise their aspirations and shape their own future. As a diverse community we thrive in an environment which values connection, inclusivity, and faith as we dialogue with our Catholic Tradition. St Thomas More's qualities of academic excellence, strength of character and service to others emanate throughout every facet of the College.

As active and engaged learners we are inquisitive, and persistent in seeking to know, improve and grow. Through critical reflection we strive to move beyond knowledge to seek wisdom.

We challenge boundaries and strive for excellence. We are courageous in spirit with the confidence to take risks in pursuing what is good which gives us joy. With integrity we explore our world and our place in it, and thrive as we embrace opportunities.

We are powerful. We reject limitations imposed by perception or circumstance. We develop the tools, capacity and knowledge to build the life we desire for ourselves, our families and our communities, both local and global. As drivers of change, we seek to be leaders for the world God desires.

'Catholic Education calls on curriculum and pedagogies in which learners are active participants who are engaging, head, heart and hands'

National Catholic Education Commission 2016.


It is our firm intention at TMC to educate the whole person, to bring forth their fullest human potential to  

Learn More, Live More, Be More.

Our Mission

'Everything we do at Thomas More College is underpinned by our Mission Statement.'

To support and encourage students in the development of their faith, recognising God's presence in the world, and in all people.


To challenge and support students in their growth as spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, creative and physical beings.


To encourage an understanding of ourselves as integral parts of a greater creation, and to respond, reaching out in love and care to the world around us.


To provide a supportive, caring, just and safe environment for all members of our community.


To nurture an environment in which the self esteem of all our members is promoted and which affirms the rich diversity of human culture.


To pursue excellence and foster this spirit in our students.


To work with families and the wider community to provide students with a range of skills that will enable them to become independent learners in a changing world.


To foster a spirit of hope and a sense of wonder and optimism for the future.

We believe education is at the heart of a life well lived. It is a philosophy we instil in our students and one which underpins our College maxim.