Vocational Learning

‘A strong Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is critical for our economy and ensuring Australians are equipped for the workforce now and in the future3’ ‘VET and higher education are equal and integral parts of a joined up and accessible post-secondary education system with pathways between VET, higher education and the school system’ (coag.gov.au, 2020)


The South Australian Training and Skills Commission has identified that 84% of the 50 occupations projected to have the most jobs growth in the next eight years do not require a bachelor’s degree.’ (Vet for school students, education.sa.gov.edu.au)


VET, or Vocational Educational and Training, options enable students to explore and immerse themselves in pathways of choice. From Year 10 students can express an interest in and engage with a range of short courses, Certificate 2 and Certificate 3 level courses from a wide variety of industry areas. Examples of some of these areas can include the following, among many others:

  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Information Technology
  • Plumbing
  • Salon Assistant
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion Design
  • Construction
  • Business Administration
  • Civil Engineering

Certificates representing Industries in demand are also funded by the state government, meaning VET is a cost-effective way to learn more about the suitability of a potential pathway.

Although accessible for all, VET should not be considered an easy option. Many courses are academically rigorous and require compulsory structured work placement.

Vocational learning at Thomas More College is student centred and can incorporate options such as;

  • A VET Certificate of choice
  • A school-based apprenticeship
  • Part time work
  • Work experience
  • A VET/Study line in lieu of a school-based subject
  • Short courses, 'Try-A-Trade', Stackable VET Modules
  • Opportunity to develop workforce knowledge through Stage 2 Workplace Practices

The suitability of the student is determined via SET (Senior Education Transition) counselling and an externally governed literacy and numeracy assessment which has industry-specific minimum standards. Support plans are generated to assist students who have language or learning difficulties.

Thomas More College also seeks to provide financial support for all students wishing to undertake VET via offering a VET subsidy credit to support the payment of fees not covered by government funding. From 2023 this subsidy will be paid/credited to families when their child satisfactorily completes the qualification.


Enquiries about Vocational Learning should be directed to vet@tmc.catholic.edu.au



We believe education is at the heart of a life well lived. It is a philosophy we instil in our students and one which underpins our College maxim.