Student Counsellors

"Thomas More College provides a counselling service for students who have personal or school related issues which may impact on their learning and overall wellbeing."


The counsellors assist students to reflect upon what they believe, feel and can do in any given situation. They support the student to decide the most effective way for him or her to handle things. The counsellors can act as advocates for students with concerns relating to personal responsibility issues, harassment, relationships and any issue that the student is struggling with and wishes to talk to someone about. Counselling sessions are confidential unless the counsellors become aware that the student's safety or that of somebody else is at risk.

Students can make an appointment on their own initiative by either approaching the counsellors or using email, they can be referred by their parents/caregivers, staff can suggest an appointment, or students can see their home room teacher or the student office in regards to making an appointment.

Our student counsellors are Ms Nancy Belperio and Mr Liam Tang.

Alternatively, you can email our counsellors address and one of our councellors will be able to contact you as soon as possible.


We believe education is at the heart of a life well lived. It is a philosophy we instil in our students and one which underpins our College maxim.