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CONTINUOUS REPORTING - Frequently Asked Questions


Continuous reporting is the process whereby teachers throughout the teaching and learning cycle provide timely and targeted feedback to students regarding their learning progress in each subject.
Teachers will provide feedback to students on summative tasks that occur in their subject area.

Feedback provided will include a combination of:

- Performance against the criteria or performance standards displayed in a rubric
- Comments on their achievement levels that are specific to the task
- Commendations (areas of strength)
- Recommendations (areas for progress)
- Grades obtained for the task.

It is important to note that when giving feedback in this form comments are written to the student and are directed at performance in the task. They are not intended to be formal reporting comments to parents.

Feedback will be recorded in the Learning Management System 'LMS' which will allow both students and parents/caregivers to access this information any time after it has been posted by the subject teacher.  The feedback will remain on the LMS until the student has completed the subject.


The LMS displays a current grade average for the subject based on the summative tasks assessed to that point. It is an indicator of the student's final grade, however, in some instances there may be some variation to the grade in the end of term report, for example when an end of semester exam is included in the final grade for that subject.

For Stage 1 and 2 subjects the LMS displays progress grades only as an indicator of expected performance in assessment types prior to confirmation by the SACE Board.


The following are some of the major benefits associated with continuous reporting:

- Increases quantity, quality and consistency of feedback available to students
- Supports students to more effectively track, reflect and improve their learning, assisting them to develop their ability to become independent learners
- Supports teachers, students, parents and caregivers to take effective and immediate action to support student learning
- Supports parents to develop a greater awareness of, and engagement with, their child's learning progress and achievements
- Facilitates more meaningful and effective communication between students, parents, caregivers and teachers
- Increases transparency and accountability for the student, teacher, parent and caregivers in relation to academic progress
- Feedback provided is documented in a central, formalised and semi-permanent manner to support student learning and development.


Download a pdf - Frequently Asked Questions.

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