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Personal Responsibility

"Our College is a group of people sharing a common aim and in this sense it is a Christian Learning Community. We wish to help each other to make our choices according to Christ's teaching.....Do unto others as you would wish others to do to you"


Behaviour Management:

Is driven by the needs of the individual. The values of justice and reconcilliation guide the College community to determine consequences for behaviour. Consequences are aimed at assisting students to learn new behaviours and address the underlying needs of students (Behaviour Education and Personal Responsibility Policy: SACCS, 2010).

We aim to develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline in every student. Students will be required to accept responsibility for irresponsible behaviour. Parents and caregivers are generally notified if students choose to breach major College expectations.


Our Behaviour Management System:

Breaches of classroom expectations may result in the following:

  1. Warning
  2. Relocation or isolation for a short time within the classroom
  3. Focus Area for the remainder of the lesson
If students are sent to the Focus Area they must negotiate re-entry with the teacher concerned, prior to their next lesson with that teacher. If a student is required to attend the Focus Area multiple times throughout a term, having gone through each of the above steps, further consequences should be expected.

Offensive language or any serious infringment of rules and expectations will result in an automatic Focus Area visit, followed by an interview with a Year level Coordinator, Assistant Deputy Principal or Deputy Principal.

Serious breaches of College regulations and guidelines may result in internal or external suspension at the discretion of appropriate College staff. Parents and caregivers are contacted if this occurs.

For more information about our Behaviour Management Policies please contact our Assistant Deputy Principal Student Welfare, Mr Damien Kelly at



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