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Physical Education


All Year 8 10 students participate in Physical Education at Thomas More College. At Year 8 and 9, students undertake Physical Education for 3 lessons per week for the year.

All students in Year 10 participate in the Core Physical Education course. This is undertaken for one semester.

At Year 10 students may also choose to study Extension Physical Education as well as their core programme. This is an elective course aimed at preparing students for Stage 1 and 2 Physical Education. Students may choose the elective for one or two semesters.

Year 11 students may choose to undertake studies in Physical Education at two different levels. PE Practical which is heavily weighted 80% practical or Standard SACE PE which prepares them for Stage Two PE.

Year 12 students may choose to study Physical Education again at two levels: Integrated Learning or Full SACE PE.

In Years 8, 9 and Year 10 Core, Physical Education is taught in a single sex, mixed ability environment where students are engaged in a variety of practical and theoretical units that aim to progress them from basic fundamental movement skills and personal responsibility through to intricate skill acquisition and complex theories and understandings used within Physical Education.

Year 10 Extension, Year 11 and Year 12 Physical Education are co-educational, mixed ability grouping. As students elect to be involved in these courses it is believed that a mixed gender can promote greater skill development. It also enables more collaborative activities to be integrated within the curriculum.

Although Year 10 Extension is specifically designed to prepare students for senior Physical Education studies all Physical Education courses provide a trajectory towards Year 11 and 12 so that curriculum and assessment items are continuous and students will not disadvantaged if they choose to do senior courses but did not elect to do Year 10 Extension.

For further information about our Physical Education Program contact Nathan Steinberner : nsteinberner@tmc.catholic.edu.au



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