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Responsibilities of Students

To contribute to a safe and supportive learning environment for all, it is expected that all students behave responsibly by:

  • Wearing the College uniform correctly.
  • Communicating appropriately by being polite, courteous and well mannered in their dealings with each other and staff.
  • Being tolerant of all people regardless of race, gender or disability.
  • Showing respect, consideration and courtesy to community members.
  • Resolving conflicts appropriately.
  • Respecting property.
  • Taking pride and actively maintaining the College environment.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude to learning.
  • Accepting responsibilities.
  • Working collaboratively.
  • Treating all justly.
  • Seeking assistance when conflict requires resolution.
  • Accepting and responding to challenges.
  • Recognising and learning from mistakes.
  • Accepting and celebrating the success of self and others.
At Thomas More College, all students are expected to:
  • Be punctual and prepared for all lessons.
  • Respect others, their dignity and safety.
  • Respect the property of others and their environment.
  • Remain on task.
  • Listen to what others have to say.
  • Follow rules specific to each learning area.



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