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Responsibility Education

"The aim of the Responsibility Education program is to assist students to understand the motivations that influence the ways people behave."

Responsibility Education is a program presented to Year 8 classes as part of the Pastoral Care Curriculum. Concepts are addressed in Pastoral Care sessions during Term 3.

Responsibility Education teaches students aspects of Choice Theory Psychology. This psychological model explains that all we do in our lives is behave, and that we choose our behaviour in an attempt to meet one or more of the five basic human needs. It has implications for the way people interact with others and fits very well with the Catholic ethos of Thomas More College.

Concepts covered include:
  • Everybody always chooses their behaviour. There is always some choice.
  • Every action has a consequence / effect.
  • Basic needs motivate all we do.
  • We are responsible for the choices we make.
  • The thinking and actions we choose affect our feelings and physiology.

For more information about this program please contact our Student Counsellors, Ms Nancy Belperio and Ms Giordana Cimmino:

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