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Thomas More College, Year 7 - 12 from 2019

Time for change

Catholic Education South Australia has made a commitment to move Year 7 to secondary settings and most schools will transition by 2022.

This move has opened up more diverse learning opportunities for young people.
More information is available on the CESA website:

Year 7 students will benefit from studying in a high school setting at Thomas More College with:

Specialist teachers and facilities providing a greater depth of learning and challenge.
Greater flexibility in curriculum offerings and academic pathways.
A wellbeing structure which supports the social and emotional growth of young adolescents.
Year 7 students are ready for more independence and the step up in responsibility which a high school setting can provide.

Thomas More College is ready!

Thomas More College has spent time researching and preparing, ensuring that we have the best possible outcome for students.
To accommodate Year 7s, a number of physical changes have and will be taking place over several stages.

Refurbishment and building new general learning facilities.
Landscaping of some external areas to be designated Year 7/8 space.
Thomas More College has moved to establish a dedicated Middle School structure and is ready to provide learning which addresses the academic, social and emotional needs of the young adolescent brain. Our teachers know how to engage and reach students on their own terms with attention to their age, cultural, home and community experiences.

The Thomas More College community celebrates learning, recognises achievement and affirms those who continually strive for excellence. Thomas More College prides itself on providing students with a comprehensive and diverse curriculum where students with a wide range of abilities are given opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Thank you for joining us in the journey of Year 7 at Thomas More College!

We are excited about this next stage of our College's life. Below are some helpful facts for parents and students considering Thomas More College for their Year 7 experience.
Year 7s at Thomas More College will be part of a dedicated middle school structure. The term Middle Schooling brings with it many assumptions; however, at Thomas More College it means:


Key teachers for core subjects providing consistency and a deeper connection between students, teachers and parents.
Our teachers have an intimate understanding of your child's learning needs and a stronger relationship.
Our students have a broad experience of subjects within the Australian Curriculum, utilising specialist teachers and facilities.
Educational pathways and preparing students for entering the SACE at senior levels.
Program design and instructional delivery which are founded in collaborative practices and research and understanding of the young adolescent learner's brain.
A curriculum in which all students can access learning and experience growth, using their current abilities.
Early intervention for key capabilities of Literacy and Numeracy.
Specialist facilities including: art, music, drama, fitness, hospitality, technology and science.


Students will connect as part of a Wellbeing group with a staff mentor. For Year 7s the Wellbeing Mentor will also be a key subject teacher ensuring that their social and emotional needs are supported alongside their learning.
Peer mentoring and community engagement are key factors in the wellbeing structure, creating connections and a sense of 'welcome and belonging' for your child within the broader student body.
Leadership opportunities are important rites of passage for young people. These will be provided both formally and informally through the SRC and student run Curriculum Extension Activities and within wellbeing group class structures and class/CEA participation.


At Thomas More College we know the importance of a good transition program.

The Year 7 transition program has multiple opportunities for parents and students to visit and engage with life at Thomas More College, ask questions, familiarise themselves with the site and establish connections with key staff and student leaders.
Students experience a strong transition and orientation program designed specifically to the needs of young adolescents in the move from primary to secondary schooling, grounded in the principle that students should feel "Safe, Connected, Informed and Excited".

What if my child is enrolling for Year 8?

Educational pathways in South Australia are changing and we would encourage you to consider the advantages for your child in a Year 7-12 secondary pathway.

This is a time of transition and our Year 7 option is new. Families have a choice that was previously unavailable to them and because of this it is very likely that Thomas More College will still have limited Year 8 intakes until DECD move to have Year 7 as secondary in 2022, or our enrolment capacity is reached. While we encourage you to consider the many advantages for your child in starting with us in Year 7, we wish to assure parents that if your child starts with us in Year 8 they will still have a strong transition and will not be forgotten.
Year 8 starters will continue to have multiple opportunities for parents and students to visit and engage with life at Thomas More College, ask questions, familiarise themselves with the site and establish connections with key staff and student leaders. The Year 8 Wellbeing program in Term 1 will focus on building community, supporting students in connecting to their new year level and the high school environment.
We want to make sure that you make this important decision armed with the best information and are not disappointed. Please don't leave it to chance and contact our Enrolment Registrar for more details.

Fact Sheets

Download a copy of our 'Year 7 at Thomas More College' fact Sheet

TMC Year 7 Fact Sheet.

Please use the following links to find out more about Catholic Education South Australia transition

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