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Impressive Research Project Results!

Posted by Thomas More College on 2 August 2019
Impressive Research Project Results!
We were very pleased this week to gain our Year 12 Students' Research Project results. The Research Project is a compulsory Stage 2 Subject in the SACE. Our Teachers work closely with each Year 12 student to challenge and support them to achieve their best; this mirrors our whole school approach of getting to know our students well as learners and find the best ways to work with them. Congratulations to the Year 12 Cohort for passing the compulsory subject. We also congratulate our Research Project Coordinator Mrs Eldridge and Teachers Mrs Wherry, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Sinapius, Mrs Lange and Ms Watters for working alongside our students.

Highlights of TMC Year 12 Research Project results include:

     100% successful completion

     49% of overall final grades situated the A Band

     Four A+ scores overall

     14 pieces of work of an A+ standard

     Higher percentage of students compared to the state average in the A, A- and B+
     bands (and below in lower grade bands).

Every school will produce data when detailing results. It important to look behind the data for what is says about the College. For us, this data tells stories of whole cohort, majority and individual successes. I tend to look at it through a prospective parent lens, in the sense that if my daughter or son was at TMC this year, they would have successfully passed this compulsory element of the SACE, successfully pursued an area of passion and individual choice, developed themselves as a capable learner, and would have had a 1 out of 2 chance of achieving an A overall. These are awesome results from our students.

Corey Tavella

Acting Principal

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