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Year 8 Visual Art

Posted by Thomas More College on 15 June 2020
Year 8 Visual Art
Painting is always an exciting part of any Visual Art course. The chance to create colour and apply it to your own composition using paint is a traditional staple to learning and experiencing art making. 

Year 8 Visual Art students had their opportunity to use acrylic paints interrupted due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than changing the course entirely and starting a new project, this task was reimagined and adapted to embrace the traditional painting elements but through an online medium, as part of the Connected Learning Model.

Year 8 VA students completed their Thomas Fedro painting task by having it realized as a public art display, in the form of a collaged paste up on the school grounds.

After watching the time lapse video of the installation together, the students were able to view their work on display and had the opportunity to share and celebrate their work with Mr Tavella, who absolutely loves it!

It is wonderful to be able to have student learning on display.

Paul Kralj

Arts Leader of Learning

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Vinnies Winter Appeal

Posted by Thomas More College on 18 May 2020
Vinnies Winter Appeal
The More Justice Team is keen to keep vulnerable South Aussies warm this winter.

Can you help?

Our first aim is to gather 100 items to keep homeless people warm.
Items being sought after by Vinnies SA include....Beanies, Bankets, Socks, Gloves and Sleeping Bags.
They do not need to be new but please ensure if you are going to donate that the items are still in good condition.
Donations can go into the St Vinnies bin outside the front office.

Bradley, Chloe, Masoumeh, Ashley and Ms Taylor (More Justice Team)

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A message to our Students from your Principal

Posted by Thomas More College on 31 March 2020

A message to our Students from your Principal

Good afternoon students,

I hope you are going ok during this interesting time.

As the majority of you are away this week, I wanted to touch base with you as your Principal to let you know that we miss all of you, and that we want and need to continue to stay connected with you as you people throughout the rest of this term, and also through whatever next term throw at us.  Just because some of you may not be here, it does not meant that this connection is not important; it perhaps more important now more than ever. 

Very shortly we will send to you and your families specific information about how we will do this holistically.  As a brief introduction though, The Thomas More Connected Learning Model aims to ensure that we stay connected as a Community.  It connects the key elements of learning, wellbeing and spirituality by embracing technology.  It creates both collaborative and personal learning experiences online; however, we are not just going online, we are remaining connected.

I want to also show you how we are asking that all of you connect with us starting tomorrow.  It's important, starting tomorrow and continuing until Friday, and then starting again next term, that you follow a routine and be up and ready to start this vital connection activity.  Please follow the video link here.

Please remember that you matter to us, and you matter absolutely. 

We look forward to you staying connected with us this week, and as Term 2 starts.

Take Care,

Mr Tavella

Corey Tavella | Principal

T (08) 8182 2600 | E ctavella@tmc.catholic.edu.au

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TMC Sports Day

Posted by Thomas More College on 16 March 2020
TMC Sports Day

Congratulations to all, for yet another well-run Sports Day.

We were fortunate enough to witness 3 record breaking times and 1 equalled!


Male U/13 100m Lupoi, Alex Hosking 14.02 seconds
Male U/13 400m Chamings, Rylan McDonald 1:14.39
Female U/13 400m Wielechowski, Kirra McDonald 1:20.38
Male U/21 100m Mychael, Samuel Hosking 11.38 seconds (Equal Record)

Age Group Champions

U/13 Female Champion Warnecke, Sophie Hosking 30.0 points
U/13 Male Champion Do, Eden McDonald 37.0 Points
U/14 Female Champion Hourigan, Aaliyah Travers 42.0 points
U/14 Male Champion -   Korzyniewski, Damien - McLuskey 44.0 points
U/15 Female Champion Wilkinson, Hayley McLuskey 66.0 points
U/15 Male Champion Bullen, Jayke 67.0 Points
U/16 Female Champion Marron, Shaciara Travers 55.0 points
U/16 Male Champion -   Kennaway, Leigh Travers 58.0 points
U/21 Female Champion Gardner, Mackenzie McLuskey 61.0 points
U/21 Male Champion Maper, Sabit Travers 38.0 Points

House Spirit winners,

Travers Nomi Len Ir
Hosking Jasjot Singh
McLuskey Mackenzie Gardner
McDonald: Lachlan Fryer

Overall winning House Travers

Spirit Cup winning House

1st -  Travers       1,562.0 Points
2nd   McLuskey    1,552.5 Points
3rd   Hosking       1,451.0 Points
4th -   McDonald    1,354.5 Points

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DUX Assembly

Posted by Thomas More College on 2 March 2020
DUX Assembly

2019 Award Winners

The Thomas More College Academic Award Presentation Ceremony was held on Thursday, 13 February. The Assembly honours those who had an exceptional year in their studies. This was the inaugural year for our Year 7s, which brought some extra excitement to the Ceremony. We are proud to have presented the following students with awards for 2019:

DUX of College Award
Ali Sina Rahimi

90+ ATAR Award

Ali Sina Rahimi - 98.5

Andy Nguyen - 98

Jessica Vo - 97.85

Melwin Siby - 97.75

Lazar Skrob - 96.35

Emelia Harman - 96

Sharni Newman - 95.5

Anisha Hakimi - 95.05

Elyssa Granozio - 94.5

Tamara Kate Wilson - 94.15

Hannah-Marie Morgan - 93.8

Megan Mawhinney - 93.7

Fernando Mujica - 92.75

Jordan McKee - 92.7

Emmee Dewar - 92.6

Dan-An Tran - 90.35



Sharni Newman - Biology

Andy Nguyen - Chemistry

Luwana Marra - Essential Maths

Ali Sina Rahimi - Research Project B

Hannah-Marie Morgan - Research Project B

Maria Bettina Sablan - Research Project B

Madeleine Sarapuu - Language and Culture


A+ Award with Merit

Fernando Mujica - Digital Technologies

Emelia Harman - Psychology

Jessica Vo - Research Project B

Ali Rahimi - Scientific Studies

Lazar Skrob - Scientific Studies


Subject Awards

Ancient Studies -  Brooklyn Shaw
Biology -  Sharni Newman
Business Innovation and Physical Education - Earl (Jeremy) Intong
Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics  - Andy Nguyen
Digital Technologies - Fernando Mujica
English - Jayden Nguyen
English Literary Studies, Legal Studies and Psychology  - Emelia Harman
Essential English - William Edwards
Essential Maths and Religion Studies - Luwana Marra
General Mathematics - Dan-An Tran
Material Products - Food Technology - Rosie Bulian
Music - Music Explorations - Claudia Papillo
Outdoor Education and Physical Education Jade Morrison
Physical Education - Integrated Learning -  Sandra Chea
Physics  - Jordan McKee
Religious Education Community Studies B - Grace Jobson
Religious Education - Integrated Learning  - Lazar Skrob
Research Project B - Jessica Vo
Scientific Studies - Ali Sina Rahimi
Tourism - Georgia Burk
Visual Arts /Design - Megan Mawhinney

Business Excellence Award
Earl (Jeremy) Intong
Personal Excellence Award
Antony Loc Nguyen

Most Improved Award
William Morris

ADF Award
Matthew Amato
Claudia Papillo

Principal's Award
Clare Innes

Year 7 Exceptional Attitude
Charlotte Jobson
Richard Kozyaev
Jacob Kell
Linda Nguyen
Camryn Zardo

Year 7 Academic Merit
Vincent Salerno
Angela Malayao
Kamya Deo
Charlotte Lelliott
Kiara Cowan
Bao Nguyen
Alicia Tran

Year 8 Exceptional Attitude
Glenda Le Dompor
Annee Dewar
Amelia Nguyen
Oceanne Ancheta
Jessica Hansongkram

Year 8 Academic Merit
Jasmine Davies
Sienna Druce
Grace Hennig
Kaitlyn Klassen
Gillean Leonidas
Coby Juma
Liyah Chamings
Julian Cortez
Anastacia Altamura
Rassmas Khenglawt
Eagle Keokotavong
Amy Khuu
Seng Set
Kathleen Vo
Hayley Wilkinson

Year 9 Exceptional Attitude
Clarisse Briones
Jade Butt
Karan Veer Singh
Apple Keokotavong
Vivian Pham
Christina Blair
Megan McAloney
H Obet Hausum
Brooke Wimshurst
Shaqayiq Hakimi
Yen Ngo

Year 9 Academic Merit
Damien Conte
Cer Sin Mawi Len Ir
Phuong (Jennifer) Nguyen
Anna Tran
Bowie Yang
Emma Bun
Lily Cowan
Anhtu Tran
Brooke Woodbridge
Gavebreille Aguado
Ravneet Kaur
Teresa Nguyen
Nicole Barr
Sally Cucuk
Matios Devaja
Salvatore Laurito
Zoe Bray
Dempsey Eddy
Sophie Mazzoleni
Fiorentina Musolino

Year 10 Exceptional Attitude
Kiara Penhall
Mi Mi Nun Mawi Sai Lung
Saraswathi Lingampally
Amber McAuley
Duy Minh Tran
Mia Alford
Hayley Druce
Sabine Green
Kasey Kostiuk
Edina Edea
Nakisha Caruana
Roya Habibi
Rahilah Hakimi
Tahira Rahemi
Elizabeth Tun
Rung Hlei lang Zaa Thang

Year 10 Academic Merit
Tahlia Malins
Sophie Jamal
Madeline Bulian
Natalie Hand
Celina Papillo
Vivi Nguyen
Emma Colthorpe
Mang Thlia Sung Ramling

Year 11 Exceptional Attitude
Isabell Rattanatry
Tiana Lupoi
Eloise Marra
Jingru She
Elisa Falzon
Madeleine Sarapuu
Charlotte Kell
Nathalie Acosta
Sanskar Patel
Anna Truong Lee
Masoumeh Rahimi

Year 11 Academic Merit
Ashley Marasigan
Alannah Yacoumis
Tiffany Le
Gabrielle Menzel
Gia Lac (Brandyn) Nguyen
Zarli Burdett
Ningmyumaan (Lucy) Shwebeth
Stephanie Angel
Gordon Yang
Sian Phan

Year 12 Exceptional Attitude
Melwin Siby
Antonietta Stillitano
Chantelle Bernardo
Keenan Green
Tomas McAloney
Isabella Barbaro
Isabela Castro
Nikki Tai
Emmee Dewar
Shaun Icay
Clare Innes
Sheryl Louis

Year 12 Academic Merit
Foti Mantis
Maria Bettina Sablan
Montana Stephenson
Tori Cianci
Elyssia Granozio
Taylor Nguyen
Jessica Pham
Hannah-Marie Morgan
Michelle Bun
Lal Hruai Zel Poenai
Liyuemebet Tamiru
Tamara Kate Wilson


Congratulations to all on a splendid performance in 2019.

Mrs Mandy Loveder
Deputy Principal

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