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Year 11 & 12 Art Exhibition Poster Design

Year 11 & 12 Art Exhibition Poster Design

20 November 2023

Revamped Bags

My design brief was to create a mini collection of three bags to feature in a new and upcoming line of ‘sustainable streetwear’. My final design features a puffer tote bag, a medium duffle bag and mini messenger coin purse that will take part in a new era of sustainable fashion, aiming to achieve a carbon neutral fashion industry. In theme with the concept of 'sustainable design', this collection will bring a new force to the fashion industry that promotes the practice of recycling, reusing and repairing.

During the early stages of my folio, I researched and analysed various designers/artists whose works utilised a wide range of colour variations. Initially, I was inspired by Takashi Murakami for his synchronous use of organic and sharp shapes, colourful composition and eccentric aesthetic. Then, I was inspired by Paul Rand for his use of geometric cut-outs and Henri Matisse for his organic paper cut-outs which gave me the idea of incorporating fabric cut-outs of various shapes and colours into my bag design.

After experimenting with the silhouette of my bags, I expanded my creative abilities by further experimenting with bag composition. This process allowed me to brainstorm innovative ways to upcycle materials that could serve as sustainable substitutes to replace materials that are used to make bags. My secondary objective was to find ways to maximize the use of upcycled materials, so I aimed to eliminate the use of any new materials and opted for unused and/or old materials.

During this explorational process, I brainstormed potential materials to upcycle and different ways of implementing these materials into the composition of my bag. I considered real-life scenarios by thinking of ways in which my school recycles or upcycles their waste. This led me to my school’s recycling program, where I volunteered to participated in sorting out recyclable bottles and cans. In return, I collected soda tabs that have been implemented into the handle and closure of my coin purse. Furthermore, I was able to organise the salvaging of food scrap waste from the Home and Economics classroom to experiment with natural food dye and used scrap fabric from the Textile room to create my coin purse and the lining of my puffer and duffle bag. At home, I found lots of plastic clothing packaging from post-pandemic shopping sprees that have been used for the exterior of my puffer bag and a pair of old jeans that I have revamped into my duffle bag.

Importantly in a collection, all three bags are aesthetically connected, 100% functional and ready-to-wear. I have used the same colourful patchwork lining for my duffle and tote bag, soda tab detailing, black thread and a consistent colourway of reds, yellows, blues, purples and greens. Furthermore, I have manipulated features on the pair of jeans to increase the functionality of my duffle bag; I transformed the jean waistband into bag handles and revamped the back pocket to create an interior pocket. Additionally, the closing of the plastic packing has been used to substitute a generic zipper. The many small details that I have considered, not only make my collection aesthetically pleasing and functional, but it also makes my design unique from other products within the market.  

I believe that by incorporating sustainable innovation into my designs, I have successfully fulfilled my design brief. My fun, colourful and unique design adheres to the streetwear aesthetic that was a requirement. Aside from incorporating my own, personal aesthetic of bold and fun colours, the bags also feature organic shapes & sharp lines seen in Murakami’s works and sewn-on fabric patches, synthesising Matisse’s paper cut-out technique. Moreover, I have developed the ability to look at unused pieces of clothing/materials and be able to brainstorm ideas on how to manipulate its composition to create new forms.

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